Day 10 and 11 at the London International Animation Festival

6 Nov

Well I’m back in Toronto now. I had a great last two days at the London International Animation Festival. Above, at our last meal on Sunday night, after the Best the Festival Screening are (from left to right) Nag Vladermersky (LIAF Director), Malcolm Turner (MIAF Director), Koji Yamamura (renown Japanese Animator), Me, Anna Gregory (LIAF Staff), and Mandy Smith (LIAF staff). Thanks for all your hospitality. I really appreciated it and had a great time in London!

While I was there I conducted 4 flip books workshops, judged the Abstract Film category, introduced my film “Sorceress”, judged the Flipbook Challenge competition and spoke on a panel called on the Animated Documentary. It was great to be so engaged during the festival. I really like doing presentations. Thanks again to the LIAF staff. It was a blast.

Well the last two days in London were a bit of a blur. On Saturday I went to a panel on Sound In Animation at the Festival which was really good and then they whisked me by cab to a very cool venue called the “Horse Hospital” that is a gallery and screening room to see 3 programs of student animation. It used to be a Horse Hospital in Victorian times. I especially enjoyed the films from Japan  but all the programs were great.

Sunday, my last full day, I went to the Serpentine Gallery. They had a show of sculptures by Thomas Schutte.

The one about is entitled “United Enemies”. At the Serpentine Gallery Bookstore I found a very cool book on the Art of William Burroughs.

To my absolute delight, one of my favorite contemporary British sculptors Tony Cragg had an installation of sculptures in and around the Victoria and Albert Museum. As you can see in the above detail, Cragg puts biomorphic forms, such as human profiles into his sculptures.

Here’s the complete sculpture above.

Here’s another face profile in another Cragg sculpture.

And here’s the full sculpture above.

The Victorian and Albert Museum was overwhelming. I did enjoy this little window that showed you the skylight of the Museum.

Following on my stairway and doors theme, here’s a beautiful old set of stairs in the Museum.

And this old door inside a door.

And this fantastic building facade.

And, for no reason at all, here’s a moody shot of the neighbourhood I was staying in in Thornton Heath, South London.

I had a great time in the U.K. Thanks everyone to everyone at LIAF!


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