My Weekend in Ottawa

18 Jun

Spent a good, if at times soggy, weekend in Ottawa, helping my partner out with her show at the Ottawa Outdoor Arts and Crafts Festival in the Glebe area. There was good weather on Saturday, but on Sunday the rain turned the ground in some of the booths into little swamps. The thing I love about Ottawa is that it still has used CD Stores (you remember those) and used Book Stores (an endangered species). I got together with independent animator Sharon Katz. She showed me some exciting work she’s doing with projecting animation onto textured surfaces.

I promised a few friends, and a cat in Hong Kong, that I would post photos of Ottawa. Following in my tradition of “not so normal” photos, here we go:

This is a photo of a sculpture entitled “Conjunction” by one of my favourite sculptors Joel Shapiro. It’s a 40 foot bronze figure, sited at the U.S. Embassy in Ottawa.


In downtown Ottawa, they have this great underground walkway near the canal. Here’s a few shots.


Here’s an installation piece that was being set up on that rainy Sunday.


Here’s a detail of the piece. Hmm….there’s an archway/window theme going on in this series of photos.


So that was Ottawa. Hope you enjoyed that. Next stop: Melbourne, Australia!


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